September 7, 2021 2 By Allison Preble

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am so excited to take you along my Independent Study journey. I will be studying how to build advocacy and support for students with learning differences.

In first grade, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. For years I kept my Dyslexia a secret. I saw it as a learning disability that separated me from my classmates. However, after years of hard work and patience I see my learning difference as more of a super power. I have learned how to learn. I will never overcome my Dyslexia, but it’s true, that given the right tools, I have thrived as a student. Through my independent study, I hope to help kids like me succeed in school. I would like to explore the beauty of thinking differently, provide more resources for students, and create awareness of learning differences among faculty.

I will start my Independent Study by creating and sending out a “needs assessment survey” to faculty and students with learning differences. From there, I plan to conduct interviews with certain participants of the needs assessment. Expanding on my findings from the survey, I will research support tools and opportunities for students with learning differences through various source materials. After I have collected all my data, I will create a tools and information page on Veracross accessible to teachers. I will also report on my findings and suggestions to the faculty.

I have started creating my needs assessment questions and hope to send them out in the coming weeks.